Technologies and instructions in the learning process Essay

The emerging technologies have changed the general way of life of humankind. One of the factors that technology has had a serious bearing on is instruction. Instruction is very important in daily life of an individual. Instruction cannot be avoided, irrespective of one’s age, financial status or the position held in the society.


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In one way or another, there will be legit an instruction that one would have to follow in order to get the desired results. To students, instruction is the way of life. Students have to follow instruction right from the time they set their foot into the school compound. There will be instruction on how to manage time, which place to be at specific times and many other issues that would require instructions to be followed.

One of the main areas where instruction is vital to a student is when handling an exam, an assignment, or other such related activities. Success or failure of a student would start by following or failure to follow instruction. Technology has played a very important role in the process of delivering instructions. It is now possible to record an instruction in an audio-visual or in hard copes like in a paper, thanks to technology.

A student can go through the recorded instruction severally in order to be acquainted with it and act within its perimeter. Technology has completely changed the way in which instruction is designed and delivered. It is an open truth that technology improves instruction.

Shambaugh and Magliaro (2006) argue that a good instruction is one that is clear to the target audience, precise and easy to follow. Given the above attributes, technology would improve instruction by allowing the target audience the ability to go through the instruction a number of times to make it clearer.

With the help of technology, the person delivering the instruction can make it shorter and precise for the recipient to understand it easily. Although a number of scholars have argued that the use of technology in instructions is just but a trend, there are strong signs that show that technology in instruction is here to stay.

There cannot be a better way to formulate and deliver an instruction without using technology. It is true that the current technology being used to deliver instruction may change in future. However, this technology would come with better methods for formulation and delivery of instructions.


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