The Movie “Se7en” Essay (Movie Review)

The movie “Se7en” is set in what is apparently a dystopia (i.e. a bleak future) as seen in the city and characters that are within the story. While there is no specific date as to when the film is set, it can be assumed that the events and characters that appear within it are in the very near future wherein society itself has begun to break down. The reason I utilized the phrase “break-down” is due to the manner in which the characters and setting are represented.


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For example, you can see the city itself as a bleak and desolate place, the people within it as represented by Tracy, and the other supporting characters) apparently view life in the city as bleak and disheartening and the setting of the world itself creates the impression of a society on the brink of collapsing from within.

Analysis of the Plot

The plot can be characterized as a type of psychological thriller involving the same sort of plotline that has been utilized numerous times in the past. The storyline involving a pair of detectives going after a serial killer with a very specific type of “modus operandi” (i.e. the way in which he kills his victims that is unique to that killer alone) has been utilized time and time again and lends little originality to the progression of the events of the film as a whole. I have to say that aside from the focus on the 7 deadly sins, the plotline can be compared to a vast array of other films.

Analysis of the Characters

When examining the characters, we are once again presented with little in the way of originality. The story has two main characters, namely:

an old detective with extensive experience in law enforcement yet has become disenchanted with life in the city

a new and reckless younger partner

This is basically the same set of characters from the Lethal Weapon franchise starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as well as characterizes numerous other pairings from other films in the past. I have to say that the appeal of the movie is not in the uniqueness of the characters (because there is none) but in the way in which they are portrayed by excellent actors. If it were not for Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, I sincerely doubt this film would have reached the level of acclaim it achieved given its recycled plot and characters.

Analyzing Style and Technique

One of the unique stylistic elements was the “washed out” visual quality of the film that was meant to create a feeling of deterioration in the setting and elements of the movie. Since it is a psychological thriller, music is used to create a sense of foreboding and shock depending on particular scenes.

The Theme of the Film and

The general theme of the film is that even if the world is a bad place to live in, it is still worth fighting for in the end. All in all, I would have to say that the stylistic techniques of the film editors were quite successful in promoting the look and feel of a dystopia which helped to enhance the appeal of the film.


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Sample Opinion

I have to say that the film itself is not really unique original in any way. If you were to remove the characters and place them in the setting of a small suburban town in the middle of the U.S., the general plot and progress of the film will not have changed much. This shows that the plot has been recycled by the film studios based on earlier successful films that utilized the same premise.